Santa Pazienza

Santa Pazienza

Year Size
2009 500 ml

Quality product that distinguishes the Tuscan winemaking tradition, starting with a careful and scrupulous selection in the field, leading to the withering of the best grapes trebbiano and malvasia del chianti. This dehydration process will continue through December, after a soft pressing, we get a mash that will be introduced in casks of different woods and with capacities between 100 and 200 liters. Here the alcoholic fermentation, long and slow, and also its aging, and this will continue for at least four years, because the name we gave it derives from the long period that you have to wait before the product can be bottled.

The color is amber, to the nose notes of almond, honey and dried fruit in general stand out.

The taste is soft, fine and intense, very persistent, with an aftertaste that reminiscents notes of dried fruit and toasted wood.