oil Mell


In the heart of Tuscany in the hills around Florence, the headquarters of "Frantoio Sociale cooperativa Valvirginio" ; a natural setting as the  environmental conditions make it ideal for the cultivation of olives and  vines , which give existence to the typical Tuscan landscape with its own  characteristics and its centuries-old history that goes from the Middle Ages  to the present day.

The Tuscan extra virgin olive oil produced by the  co-operative has two key features that distinguish it from other vegetable  oils: it's obtained from a fruit , it's extracted from the olives only  mechanically.

These properties together with the norm that prevents the  inclusion of any additive makes this product a natural food , which enhances  the organoleptic typical Tuscan characteristics.

The oil is among the most appreciated in the world for its aroma and  balanced flavour, making it unique and fundamental as a condiment, but also  in the preparation of typical Tuscan dishes.

The philosophy of the Colli Fiorentini mill , with its 350 members , has  always aimed at enhancing this product by focusing on quality and linking it  to the territory.