Spumante and Sparkling Wines "products"

Prosecco Extra-Dry

The grapes are fermented off skins, harvested manually and processed with a soft pressing. The wine is obtained by a first fermentation in stainless steel tanks under controllerd temperature. The sparkling wine is produced following the Italian method in pressure tanks (Charmat method), which lasts approx. 60 days. It is then cold filtered and cold bottled. A straw yellow colour, winy/light fragrance and considerably fruity reminiscent of wisteria and acacia flowers, its modest alcohol content gives it a pleasantly delicate and harmonious flavour.

This sparkling wine can be served as an aperitif “par excellence” very versatile. Ideal with risottos, soups and white meats.

Best drunk with fish, especially with molluscs, seafood, and shellfish and with vegetables (chicory and mushrooms). Should be served between 6° - 8° C


Rosato Frizzante

The grapes are fermented “in rosato” , slightly macerating the skins with the must. The first fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks and the second takes place in pressure tanks for 45 days. Both filtration and bottling is carried out cold.

Cherry red colour with glints of coral, fresh,winy and slightly fruity fragrance; with a dry, light and pleasantly sourish flavour.

With light starters, first courses and afternoon snacks. Should be served between 8° - 10° C.