Chianti Montespertoli

Chianti Montespertoli

Year Size
2017 750 ml

The Chianti Montespertoli is one of the most attractive of theTuscan wines as it is the more recently established. The production area coincides with the territory of Montespertoli, one of the most common vineyards of Tuscany. With a careful selection of the grapes, they are harvested late and vinified with wisdom in our cellar, putting into practice all the winemaking techniques that allow us to bring out the best character of the product before it reaches consumption.

Elegant and refined wine with a bright ruby red color. It’ s intensely vinous accompanied by sweet notes of red berries. To the palate it is balanced, fruity, slightly tannic with a pleasant aftertaste of blackberries and raspberries.

Ideal to accompany roasts, poultry and hunted game.